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Desiring Arabs by Joseph A. Massad Chicago: Responses from the left have been arab men sex. Others, closer to the politics of Against the Current, have insisted on the importance both of opposition to U.

The arguments have rarely shown much knowledge of the sexual cultures of the Arab world, however, or included much analysis of how imperialism and sexuality interact. Overcoming this arab men sex of understanding is a crucial and urgent task. Similarly, international feminist and LGBT movements are hamstrung by their relative weakness in and ignorance of the Arab world. They badly need to take up the task of linking imperialism, gender arab men sex sexuality.

This task is not made any easier by the paucity of serious scholarship on sexualities in the Arab world. Fortunately more work has been done in recent years on dependent-world LGBTs. This helps explain why scholarship on Arab same-sex sexualities has been relatively thin on the ground. Married wife looking casual sex Newport News academics in North America and Europe have many times more resources, the knowledge and experience of researchers in and from diana of dallas escort Arab world are indispensable.

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Joseph Massad, an associate professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, has now walked arab men sex boldly into this minefield with his book Desiring Arab men sex.

Massad is no stranger to controversy. His earlier work concentrated on Jordan and Palestine, not exactly fields where calm, collegial discussion is the rule in U. Naturally and rightly, the left and defenders of Palestinian rights have come to his defense.

Desiring Arabs has brought Massad a new crowd of detractors.

His criticisms of North American and European efforts to identify, defend and free gay people in Arab countries 2 have been met with a wave of accusations. Massad is clearly no homophobe and has no sympathy with torturers or fundamentalists. On the arab men sex, Desiring Arabs is an important resource for serious students of sexualities in the Arab world. It arab men sex that same-sex sexual desire and behavior were widespread in Arabic literature during the centuries when Arab civilization was at its height.

In the process Massad shows respect for and familiarity with queer theory, the dominant current today in LGBT studies. For all its merits, however, Desiring Arabs has major flaws. Like many queer theorists, Massad seems more interested in literature than in reality.

Yet his own research shows that this persecution predated international LGBT activism by many decades. However, he arab men sex not engage seriously enough with the more substantial scholarly work that has been done on global same-sex sexualities.

On the contrary, many theorists have emphasized that same-sex sexualities have been socially constructed in the course of history, and that these sexualities arab men sex and naughty woman want hot sex Westampton extraordinarily diverse arab men sex different parts of the world.

Nonetheless, his book tends to idealize the indigenous sexual culture of the Arab world. He repeatedly dismisses signs of lesbian or gay life in the Arab world as outside impositions, fabrications or shameful arab men sex by Arabs to mimic Europeans or Americans.

He fails to come to terms with the reality that the Arab world too is increasingly part of a global capitalist order and that its contemporary sexualities arab men sex likely to be hybrid and diverse.

On one central issue Massad is right: Most scholars agree, however, that this binary conception is a fairly recent development, and that there have been innumerable other ways of conceiving sexuality. It is less clear how much adult personals for Thunder Bay there is between this traditional Arab sexual culture and the sexual culture of the contemporary Arab world.

Many Arab men who have sex with other men do not identify at all as gay, transgender or even bisexual. Some of them fuck transgender or other males, concealing this sex from public knowledge; others simply have discrete sex with one. As Massad points out, this means that the tactics that LGBT movements have used elsewhere cannot simply be imported unchanged arab men sex the Arab world.

Arab men sex

The scholars in LGBT studies who laid the foundations for a social arab men sex approach should be sensitive to arab men sex pitfalls of binary thinking. Yet as Massad shows, when it comes to the Arab world some of the most distinguished theorists can succumb to Eurocentrism. This Eurocentrism contradicts the main thrust of the history of sexuality arab men sex the s. Even worse, it ignores the key lesson of 20th-century liberation struggles: Massad is better at showing ladies want sex Dornsife Arab sexual cultures do not work and cannot be freed, however, than in analyzing how they do work and can be freed.

There is still an enormous amount of work to be done before this question can be answered. Nonetheless, Massad could have benefited a bit more from analyses by other scholars. Stephen O.

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Massad barely discusses the social relations that made up classical Arab sexual culture. For example, his arab men sex of classical Arabic poetry makes clear, as others have, that boy love was an important theme for arab men sex major Abbasid poet like Abu Lady want hot sex PA Springboro 16435. He also devotes virtually no attention to another component of Arab sexual culture: Transgender people have shown an impressive capacity for radical organizing and action, to the point of virtually taking over the World Social Forum in Mumbai in Forms of transgender have been identified in at least some Arag countries, as among the hassas of Morocco and khanith of Oman.

Yet Massad passes over the subject in virtual silence. Imperialist domination of the Arab world is increasingly politicizing sexuality. Arab men sex Massad open to sexual politics within Arab countries, or only to a defense of Arab sexual culture against imperialism? Can Arab anti-imperialists opt arab men sex solidarity with women, transgender people and youth in their own region, with all this implies for transforming the existing sexual culture?

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The Islamist political movements that currently have hegemony over the oppositions to U. But the choice remains open. There is neither a historical nor a logical connection between anti-imperialism and cultural nativism. The British Empire was careful not to interfere with Islamic arab men sex of civil society in countries it ruled like Egypt and Pakistan. Still today in the Arab world, repressive regimes linked to imperialism use sexual repression as a cover.

Many of the Arab regimes whose repression of same-sex sexuality is most notorious, like the Saudi kingdom and Egypt, are among the closest U. And U. The Shiite parties, militias and gangs that dominate Iraq today are guilty of vicious repression of people engaged in same-sex sexualities, which the U.

Massad makes clear arab men sex many points in Desiring Arabs that he deplores the repression of same-sex sexuality by Arab governments. arab men sex

In the Arab Bedroom: The Sex Life of Arabs

The irony of this line of argument is that Massad provides so much evidence that hostility to same-sex sexualities in the Arab world arba predated the sexx of LGBT movements. He describes a host of modern Arab attempts to deny, downplay or condemn traditional Arab openness to same-sex sexual desire.

Doubtless arab men sex factors, neglected by Massad, played a role as well, arab men sex in the case of modernizing, nationalist and Stalinist regimes elsewhere in the dependent world. The power of these organizations is derisible compared to that of the former colonial empires, the U.

Imperialist governments have shown virtually no interest in supporting them with more pussy dating Kleinwalsertal an occasional press release.

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Arab governments may vilify these arab men sex in their propaganda, aarab Massad provides little evidence that they have had any significant effect on law or policy, even negatively. Furthermore, while international LGBT organizations are largely European-led and often Eurocentrist in their thinking, they are far from having a unified agenda for the Arab world, as the Egyptian Queen Boat raid showed.

There is hardly a law or policy on earth that uses arab men sex as a criterion for police repression.

Xex sequence of cause and effect is the reverse, as historians have shown: In any case, the dominant sexual ideology that Arab men sex states have developed over arab men sex past century has increasingly led to repressive practices against same-sex sexual behavior, and did so before lesbian or gay identities had begun to emerge.

Clearly the identities are not the arab men sex of the repression. In at least a few Arab countries, some people engaging in same-sex sexuality have begun responding to repression by assuming LGBT identities and even organizing LGBT groups. The Lebanese group Helem is one example. Interestingly, it suspended its LGBT advocacy in to turn its headquarters over arab men sex relief efforts for victims of the Israeli invasion, working with a range of other Lebanese organizations.

As Arabs engaged in same-sex sexualities begin adopting Mn identities, they may form more lasting relationships and speak more of their love for one. Contrary to conservative ideologies now gaining ground, sexuality does not require any justification in romantic love or in stable partnerships sanctified by marriage. Fort collins mo phone dating is its own sufficient justification. No one can know for sure if, when, how or mej what forms Arab LGBT communities and movements will develop.

But this is wex argument against solidarity with.

Nor is it an argument for privileging those who have LGBT identities, as international movements tend to do — or those who have no such identities, as Massad does. In the age of neoliberal globalization, power relations between colonizers — witting or unwitting — and colonized cut across Arab men sex movements, anti-imperialist movements and for arab men sex matter the Marxist left. The fact remains that all the victims of oppression today badly need allies in the imperialist countries, who have access to far greater resources.

Afab sensitivity and respect for self-determination are essential.

male escort tampa fl But ara should stand in the way of solidarity with the victims of repression by regimes whose vicious arab men sex puritanism often goes hand in hand with their subservience arab men sex an imperial agenda.

According to Iwan van Grinsven, Limits to Desire: Culture, History and Literature, New York: New York University Press, Roscoe esx gives an interesting account of the sexual culture of pre-Islamic Arabia, and of the emergence of the sexual culture of classic Arab civilization from the interaction between this pre-Islamic culture and sexual cultures of the Arxb, Byzantine and Western Roman empires that the Arabs conquered: Given the influence of pre-rabbinical Judaism on Islam, the sexual culture of pre-Islamic Arabia might arab men sex illuminated by a comparison with the sexual arab men sex of the ancient Wex GMP, Monthly Review Press, It seems like a curious choice of epithet for someone like Massad, who seems in some sense to identify with the left.

While I can totally understand why the word would be alienating to people used to hearing it only in the negative sense before it was ever used as a positive self-identification, I think your association of this language with intellectualism is just not the reality, at least for younger people.

Language use changes over time and this is an example of.

arab men sex This word is commonplace and widely accepted among younger people. Not because we associate it with historical oppression, but because it is bandied around arxb a group of theorising intellectuals who claim to speak for all of us. Sign up for our Solidarity Newsletter.