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I Am Looking Adult Dating How to know if your friend likes your crush

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How to know if your friend likes your crush

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What to do if your friend likes your crush Does your friend like your crush? Created by: Related Quizzes: What is your curse or lieks

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You might worry that if you do, your friend and your crush will hook up and hit it off. A scary thought, I know. Hopefully your friend is respectful of your friendship and feelings for your crush.

But if you have a lingering fear that your friend also has feelings for your crush, knoow then? It's not an easy situation, and you might feel sad or rejected by your crush, but at the end of the day, unfortunately, you can't control how people feel. You can, however, control how you react, and if you react with grace, it will only prove what you should already know: If this time around, it isn't the crush that you have right now, worry not.

Your next good, old fashioned, butterflies-in-your-stomach crush is right around the corner. By Korey Lane.