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Why do guys love feet I Am Look Real Dating

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Why do guys love feet

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Waiting for regular m4w 45 male here loooking for new regular last one quit the biz please send a pic nude prefered but clothed ok age doesnt matter being open minded does thanks Oral Fun.

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Feet seem to be a very polarizing body. You also might know someone who gets turned on by the sight of bare feet. Feet are gross and they're always colder than they should dl.

Foot racist? They sit encased in sweaty socks all day, collecting a gross, slimy smell. And then you want to rub them on me while we sit on the couch?


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No, thank you. So good that I can usually get a woman in the mood with.

There was nothing wrong with her feet or anything, but just the idea of her touching my dick with her feet made me feel sort of gross. I have a very healthy relationship with feet. So why do guys love feet all of a sudden she takes it off, it oove like she has little naked, alien toes.

Is that weird? I would say they turn me on, but, like, not as much as seeing a woman naked or. I just find a nice pair of feet cute.

Unless a woman's feet are really gross why do guys love feet abnormal in some other way, I never notice. I did it without thinking. But when I went home, I used llve ton of mouthwash. I kept thinking about how she obviously enjoyed it, but then also how she made out with me afterward.

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It felt a little skeevy, like ass-to-mouth or. Follow Frank on Twitter.

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